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Enter To Win A Customized Program and The Ultimate Pull-Up Program

Followed by over 1200 satisfied men and women  worldwide.

The challenge will last from October 8th-14th. The winner will be announced on October 18th.

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program will be available to purchase again on October 23rd.








How Do I Enter?

Pull-Up Challenge

1. Look around for any spot where you can perform a pull-up. I don’t care if it’s at the gym, your house, a playground, etc. Be creative as you would like!

2. Take a picture (or video) of the spot you’ve chosen to perform your pull-up (or your pull-up).

3. Post the picture (or video) on Instagram and tag me MeghanCallaway (or Facebook Meghan Callaway Fitness) and add #picyourpull in the description between Oct. 8th-Oct. 14th.

4. That’s it!

The point of this pull-up challenge is to inspire you to move, get in shape, and have a positive goal to work toward regardless of your fitness level.

FREE Customized program from Meghan Callaway

And The Ultimate Pull-up Program!

Top Canadian trainer, Meghan Callaway is offering you the chance to get a FREE customized training program and her updated pull-up program. People pay hundreds for Meghan’s training advice to take them to the next level with their fitness goals.

If you win you’ll be given instructions and a form to fill out. Meghan will look through your needs and desires for your body and give you a full-proof plan to hit your goals. No more wondering if your doing the right things, she will help you get exactly what you need for your fitness level.

Want to know more about The Ultimate Pull-up Program?

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Take a Pic, add the Tag, and Post! That’s It!

Don’t forget to tag me and add your pic to Instagram. And add the #picyourpull in the description!

Below are some examples of what you can do.

Take a picture at a gym or playground.

Think outside the box and look around.

Shoot a video (or pic) of your pull-up.

And remember to have fun with it!