Meet Meghan Callaway

Strength coach, published writer, athlete, and exercise innovator, who is on a mission to help you achieve your performance, health, and aesthetic-related goals.

Meghan Callaway has been a strength coach for 15 years, and her clientele includes elite athletes, post physio strengthening referrals, and of course the general population. Meghan is also the creator of The Ultimate Pull-Up Program​ which is currently being followed by over 1,100 women and men worldwide.

Meghan is incredibly passionate about educating and helping her clients (and also the people who follow her) discover that working out and simply moving is a gift. It should be a joyful and empowering experience and boost all aspects of overall health and well-being. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Meghan believes this is absolutely possible.

Like many others, Meghan used to work out purely to control her appearance and number on the scale; she bought into the notion that she should strive to make herself less. After spending many soul-zapping years doing this, and achieving mentally and physically inferior results, Meghan discovered that working out is a tool that will enhance all aspects of your life, and should be fun, empowering, and effective. She’s turned the world into her playground.


When Meghan was 28, she was in a bad car accident, and this led to over five years of severe discomfort, full body issues, and a significant amount of mental and physical stress. Meghan never thought she’d be able to work out again, or even move properly, and she spent these five years going from doctor to doctor until she finally found somebody who could tell her what was causing all of her symptoms and injuries. Despite many low points and moments of doubt, she persevered until she found a solution, and learned a tremendous amount about herself in the process. Going through this ordeal made Meghan appreciate her health and the ability to feel good more than ever, and it changed her overall mindset from one that was so focused on aesthetics, to one that is now centered around feeling strong and fit, healthy, confident, and empowered.

In addition to being a strength coach, Meghan is also a published writer and blogger, and she loves to share her knowledge and passion through her writing. Meghan currently writes for Shape Magazine, Girls Gone Strong, and many other fitness sites.

In fact, in 2016, Meghan’s article The Complete Female Pull-Up Makeover was named to the list of the year’s best fitness articles on the internet. Her most popular article to date, The Dangers Of Today’s Female Fitness Industry, made huge waves around the world, and has been read over 250,000 times.

Meghan has an extensive athletic background and has played competitive soccer for 27 years, and also grew up playing ice hockey and baseball on boy’s teams.

Meghan has been an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer since 2003. Meghan majored in human kinetics at the University of British Columbia and minored in psychology.