The Ultimate Pull-Up Program Affiliate Page

Welcome to The Ultimate Pull-Up Program affiliate page! Find all you need to promote Meghan Callaway’s program below. If you are also interested in promoting Meghan’s Ultimate Landmine Program, please go here:

FAQ’s for Affiliates

How do I sell your product and what percentage will I get from a sale?

First, make an account at Clickbank. Create a User ID. Once you have that you can make a hoplink to send to your customers/followers.

Sign up here:

You will receive 50% of every sale made from your hoplink! Depending on if The UPUP is on sale or full price you can make anywhere from $27-$48 per sale.

How do I make a hoplink?

If your User ID was PULL1234 this would be your hoplink:

So your User ID (or nickname) will replace PULL1234.

Or click here for assistance:

Enter your ID where it says “Your Affiliate Nickname” and MCPULLUPS where it says “Your Vendor Nickname.”

Then click the “Generate Hop Link” button.

I am getting questions from my audience about your program. Do you have a page I can refer them to?

Yes, you can direct them to my Frequently Asked Questions and contact page here:

Don’t have a ClickBank account?

Contact Info For Affiliates Questions